Photo Credits: H1GHR Music

MV Rec: pH-1 – PACKITUP!

pH-1 has had a hella busy 2020. This guy hasn’t stopped releasing music and I’m here for it. His latest release ‘X: The Worst Mixtape’, is one of my favourite works of his so far, but let’s be honest I love everything this guy releases. He is just incredibly talented.

This week’s music video recommendation is ‘PACKITUP!’, and I love how simple and yet super cool this music video is. The speed in the scenes escalates and develops with the lyrics and the flow of the song, and it is fantastic to watch.

With amazing landscapes and superb direction this music video delivers perfectly the feeling behind the killer rhymes in this track. If you want to know what I mean watch the MV below, and get ready to listen to this song on repeat because it is fire.

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