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Make-up brands to keep an eye on!

We are back with a brand new beauty article. This time we want to dive into a few of the most well-known and highly rated Korean make-up brands and their products. 

Korean makeup is well known across the globe for the quality and wide variety of options. Most of the brands we are mentioning below have a big range of products including BB creams, cushions, eyeshadow palettes and many more. We will be mentioning just a few of our favourite products. But if you want to check their full range make sure to check their website (linked below).

Pony effect 

Pony effect might be one of the most well known brands in the online world, many YouTubers have mentioned their products for their quality and diversity of shades. Today I am listing them for ‘PONY EFFECT get ready’.

This eyeshadow palette comes in 2 different colour combinations, ‘Coachella’ with nudes and shimmers perfect for a festival look or a day to day makeup, and ‘UMF’ for a more dramatic night make-up to go clubbing.


I found out about Moonshot after Lisa from Blackpink became the face of the brand. Moonshot has a very big variety of products and even skincare, you can check that in the official page ( 

Today however, I am featuring this brand for their range of tints with ‘Tintfit Blur’. I really appreciate lipsticks that are soft, durable and don’t crack on the lips. My favourite shade is ‘Red Heim’, but the rest of colours look just as gorgeous.

PS. also check out their ‘rêve de Paris’ collection for beautiful lipsticks and palettes. 


Missha has become one of my top brands for BB Creams and cushions, I absolutely love their formula and how well it fits my oily/acne prone skin.

Their eyeshadow range is something I really want to try out. The reviews are fantastic and what is even better is that it comes in five different colour schemes that give you the full look and include the blush in the pallet.

Etude House

Etude House is a well known brand with a huge range. Many of their products are either a hit or a miss, some will love it and others not too much. However this brand has some pretty fantastic products.

Their ‘Double Lasting’ foundation has some great reviews, and many claim that the coverage of this product is great and durable with a matte finish. What else can we ask for? 

For the upcoming Christmas holidays I want to get my hand on their eyeshadow palette ‘Gemstone’. With earthy tones and shimmers, this palette will be perfect for the natural and festive look. 

Check their full line on their website (  

PS. Check their skincare range ‘Soon Jung’, the reviews are fantastic. 


Clio feels like the MAC of Korea, their line-up of brand ambassadors has big names from the music industry, and everything from this brand looks expensive and high end. 

I haven’t personally tested any of its products, but one that definitely caught my attention is their eyeliner ‘Kill Black’ with the precision of the pen, the stroke of this eyeliner looks sharp, perfect for dramatic cat eyes. 

Another product I want to get my hands on is their ‘Kill Brow’ dual tattoo pen, this kit looks fantastic for eyebrow shaping and styling. 

Check their full range of products at


For eyeshadow palettes head over and check 3CE, the brand’s name stands for “3 Concept Eyes” and just by the name we know that everything is about eye make-up. 

3CE recently released the Disney collection and I am obsessed with the retro vibes and stunning colours of the eyeshadow palette and lipstick. 

Check out the rest of their products in, and make sure to check out their liquid eye shadow, it looks fantastic.

Let us know what your experience with these brands has been. We will see you next time with a brand new feature. 

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