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MZ pick! K-Indie new releases😎 [MUSIC&NEWs vol.20]

[Demo songs]

Kim Hyunchang

January 11, 2023

It is known that Kim Hyunchang started writing songs after listening to Demien Rice, and is still writing songs as if it’s his diary. Kim gets ideas from everything he faces in everyday life and write frank lyrics from it. TXT’s Soobin is also a big fan of Kim Hyunchang’s songs!

[Demo songs] literally contains the demo songs that were written in 2018. Kim decided to open his treasure box and share the old songs, to not forget the first and where he came from. 

He leaved a comment for the song,
“I hope you fall asleep with these songs”

🎵Click here to listen.


Kim Hye Rim

January 15, 2023

Semi-finalist of <KPOP Star 6>, trainee of <Girls Planet 999>… If you’re a fan of MUSIC&NEWs😉, you’ll remember this talented artist. Kim Hye Rim, who showed her own sensibility with [Flower] last November, is back.

Her new single [Illusion] is a lyrical yet mournful ballad that is perfect to listen to in the winter. In the climax, you can see her explosive singing ability. There is also a Japanese version that responds to the support of Japanese fans, so don’t miss it!

She recently appeared on a famous YouTube channel and this video has drawn attentions for K-pop fans. She announced more works to come in the future.

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[Loving You is Loving Me]

Han Yeoyoo

January 15, 2023

Han Yeoyoo waited for the winter to come, just for this song. A lonely love song for winter, ‘Loving You is Loving Me’ is finally released. Han Yeoyoo wanted to express the time of agonizing over, on the border of love and greed.

Han Yeoyoo’s music videos are much loved also, for the warm and cute vibes. Don’t miss the new music video, starring Han Yeoyoo herself, too!

Listening to ‘Loving You is Loving Me’ will make you love Han Yeoyoo even more.

🎵Click here to listen.

[Just For You]


January 15, 2023

Let us introduce heuleul, a singer-songwriter and producer with a voice that comes to mind once you catch. She made a debut in 2018 under the name of ‘heuleul (‘flow’ in Korean)’ which means that she wants music to flow everywhere.

[Just For You] is her sixth single, featuring her signature witty lyrics. In addition, since she participated in songwriting herself, you’ll find the groovy rhythm and catchy melodies of her own sense. It’ll be a new track of the year that will keep us in our ears to match any season.

🎵Click here to listen.

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